Course of Treatment

The diagnosis of a dysfunction requires long and intensive training of the palpation ability. The osteopathic treatment is carried out with specially developed osteopathic techniques. The aim is to enable the treated person to bring himself into balance in a natural way by improving the mobility of the affected structure.


Osteopathy is not limited to treating individual symptoms, but always sees the person as a whole. It does not treat diseases, but people. Therefore it does not make sense to give indications for osteopathy. The elimination of symptoms is basically not the goal of treatment, but only a result of the resolution of limitations of all types of osteopathic dysfunctions.


Before starting an osteopathic treatment, it is sometimes advisable to carry out an accompanying conventional medical diagnosis. Findings from previous medical examinations are also helpful. Please bring pictures (X-ray, MRI, etc.), laboratory results and doctor's letters with you. In many cases osteopathy complements traditional medicine, but does not replace it. The first appointment begins with a detailed anamnesis of the complaints and previous illnesses.


At the beginning of every osteopathic appointment, the patient is examined to determine which dysfunctions have appeared on that day of treatment and what has changed. The treatment is then adapted to the patient's physical condition at each appointment. The change of patterns in the human body is part of the therapy process.


An osteopathic treatment takes about 60 minutes. Each new therapy session is individually tailored to the patient's symptoms. The exact course of treatment depends on the individual case. The cost of a treatment is around 90 to 120 euros. Please understand that I have to charge a cancellation fee for appointments that are not canceled at least 24 hours in advance.


Since 2012, in addition to private health insurances, many statutory health insurances have also covered the costs of osteopathic treatments on a pro rata basis. You can find an up-to-date list here: Subsidies from statutory health insurance companies.


However, some health insurers only reimburse the treatment costs if you present a private prescription for osteopathy. Before the first appointment, please inquire directly with your health insurance company whether they reimburse osteopathic services and what the requirements for reimbursement are.