How Can I Help You?

Previous medical measures have not shown a satisfactory effect?

Do you want to get a better understanding about the reasons of your symptoms?

Are you searching for a holistic approach that supports the body's self-healing powers and self-regulation, without any significant side effects?


Then you have come to the right place!


Osteopathic treatment is useful in case of functional disorders with characteristic symptoms, such as back and joint pain, digestive problems or nervousness and sleep disorders. Since osteopathy treats the whole person, however, it can be used without restriction as complementary medicine.

My Name is Hilde Sumbauer and I am Your Professional Osteopath in Wiesbaden

I take the necessary time and take your complaints and wishes serious. With many years of extensive experience in various healthcare areas, I will support you in my best possible way to better health and well-being.

Hilde Sumbauer is your professional osteopath in Wiesbaden with extensive experience in various healthcare areas. She looks for the causes of your symptoms. The aim is to stimulate the self-healing powers and self-regulation ability of your body.
Your Osteopath Hilde Sumbauer

Extensive Experience in the Healthcare Sector

Since 09/2020 Postgraduate training in "Pedeatric Osteopathy "at Osteopathie-Institut Frankfurt (pregnancy, infants, children)
01/2020 Publication in Deutsche Zeitschrift für Osteopathie: "Kriterien zur Qualitätsbewertung von randomisierten kontrollierten Studien (RCTs)"
04/2019 Establishing my own practice in the Adolfsallee 10 in Wiesbaden
08/2019 Publication at the Akademiker Verlag: "Osteopathische Wirksamkeitsforschung in Deutschland"
Since 11/2017 Membership in the German Association of Osteopaths Verband der Osteopathen Deutschland e.V. (VOD e.V.)
2017 - 2019   Freelance Osteopath in the practice association Frei-Raum in Wiesbaden
11/2016 Heilpraktiker license,  health department of Wiesbaden
2016 Further training in "Dynamische integrative Palpation" at IEOS in Marburg
2016 Training as a paramedic in Basic and Advanced Life Support (DRK)
2016 Professional experience at following osteopathic practices:
  Simon Jung, Frankfurt
  Thomas Profitlich, Limburg
  Birgit Reiter, Idstein
  Stephan Jäckle, Friedrichsdorf
  Fuhrmann & Kollegen, Wiesbaden
04/2016 Clinical traineeship at Gynaecological Department of Sankt Josefs-Hospital, Wiesbaden
Since 2015 Yoga teacher in Wiesbaden: myyoga (Owner), Hessian state parliament
Since 2015 Instructor in the yoga teacher training at Yoga Vidya e.V., Frankfurt
2013 - 2017 Hochschule Fresenius in Idstein, University of Applied Sciences, bachelor degree in Osteopathy
2013 - 2014 Training as a yoga teacher at Yoga Vidya e.V., Mainz
1999 - 2013 International  job positions in several pharmaceutical companies
1993 - 1999 University of Applied Sciences in Munich, graduated in business administration
1986 - 1996 Graduated nurse in several hospitals in Munich